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Commercial and Residential Demolition Services in Sudbury

While beginning a building project on a piece of land, sometimes you may find obstructions in the way that need to be cleared. From shrubbery and trees to structures and buildings, Wolf Lake Construction (2003) Inc. offers professional and safe demolition services in Sudbury and the surrounding areas, helping you prepare your property for new construction or renovation.

If you’re thinking of removing an old structure, count on our 20 years of industry expertise to efficiently tear down and demolish small buildings and other artificial structures. Our team is dependable and trained in maintaining a strong safety culture on the job site. We pride ourselves on providing honest service at competitive rates without compromising safety.

Connect with us for your commercial and residential demolition project today.

You Name It and We Will Demolish It

At Wolf Lake Construction (2003) Inc., we demolish, remove and dispose of unwanted structures, such as garages, sheds, trailers, old foundations, concrete steps and play structures. Our team can also carry out swimming pool removals.

Removing unwanted or unsafe structures from your property can improve space usability and reduce liability concerns. Getting rid of the old to rebuild new? Let us lighten your load and help transform your property while maximizing your real estate value. From waste removal and site preparation to final grading, we are there to lend a hand. Get your free demolition consultation or price quote.

Waste removal
Concrete steps
Residential demolition
Property restoration
Shed and garage foundations
Dismantling service
Site preparation
Final grading
Play structures
Trucking of aggregates

Need to Tear Down an Old Shed?

We have the equipment needed to prepare the site for your new project.

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