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24/7 Snow Removal and Snow Plowing in Sudbury and the Surrounding Areas

Don’t let heavy snowfalls freeze your business operations. At Wolf Lake Construction (2003) Inc., our 20 years of experience makes us an industry leader with a proven track record in snow plowing and snow removal services in Sudbury and surrounding areas.

We take pride in providing our clients with peace of mind by ensuring that their commercial property will be safe and accessible through the winter. We plow large- to medium-sized commercial lots, such as government institutions, and commercial and retail parking lots. We have a crew of trained manpower and dedicated resources for plowing and removing snow. If you are looking for commercial snow removal, know that we are ready to help you.

A member of the Snow & Ice Removal Association (SIMA) logo

End-to-end Property Maintenance

We are committed to high-quality property maintenance services for all worksites. Our snow plowing services include 24/7 on-call crews to ensure that all properties are maintained to the high degree of service that our customers have come to expect from us. This is further enhanced by a 30-minute response time for all site concerns and facilitated by multiple-yard locations allowing for quick delivery of salt, sand and equipment.

On-site salt bins also allow quicker management of ice events on sidewalks, staircases and entrances. Sanding crews perform daily site visits, regardless of snow events, to ensure the safety of patrons and employees. Wolf Lake Construction (2003) Inc. also invests in infrastructure that ensures productivity and accountability through measures such as:

Reducing downtime by investing in supplemental equipment
Utilizing electronic logbooks for all employees
Employing foremen to monitor property conditions
Dispatching crews as necessary

Site Monitoring

Wolf Lake Construction (2003) Inc. ensures ongoing site monitoring through daily sander visits. This is regardless of snow events and ongoing property monitoring by crew foremen. Such measures ensure that multiple daily visits to each property are made to assess site conditions as they may change throughout the day.

Ensuring ongoing daily site monitoring is our priority. A daily early morning sander visit will be made to each site regardless of snow events to ensure safe conditions. Furthermore, our team of foremen will make ongoing site visits, as conditions change, to ensure crews can be dispatched as necessary. Call us to discuss how we can assist you.

Hear From Our Happy Customers

Excellent Work Done

“Wolf Lake Construction has been managing our property maintenance at the Keg for over 5 years. In that time they have done an excellent job of snow plowing, sweeping the parking lot, and pot hole repairs among other jobs. They are always timely and efficient, and are an absolute pleasure to work with.”

- Evelyn H.

Snow Removal

Our snow removal services are on standby to assist you to free up parking spaces, lower or remove your snowbanks, scrape the ruts snowplows leave behind, and open your catch basins to eliminate ponding issues in your commercial parking lot.

Sweeping Services

Spring clean-up is also a part of our services. Once the snow melts, we have commercial rotary sweepers to remove sand and unwanted debris accumulation from your commercial parking lot in the city of Greater Sudbury.

Property maintenance
Spring clean-up
Sweeping mechanical
Vacuum sweepers

Our continued growth over 20 years in the industry shows our commitment to providing our clients with a great customer service experience. We deliver on competitive pricing and reliable, professional work in the city of Greater Sudbury and the surrounding areas. Being proud of the services we deliver is our success story, and we look forward to assisting you.

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Trust Wolf Lake Construction (2003) Inc. to keep your commercial parking lots clear of snow.

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