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We Install Weeping Tiles in Sudbury and the Surrounding Areas

Weeping tiles are a system of porous pipes that keeps your foundation dry and functioning. Since its primary function is to drain water away, the system is also referred to as “drainage tile” or “drain tiles”.

If you need to waterproof your basement in Sudbury and the surrounding areas, Wolf Lake Construction (2003) Inc. can help you. We install and repair weeping tiles. These services are complimentary to our foundation waterproofing services.

Our team of technicians has years of experience and professional training in providing safe and precise installation of weeping tiles. Before starting the project, we inspect your property to evaluate the situation and also secure the necessary permits to carry out our work. In addition to installation, we also provide ongoing maintenance and prompt repair services to prevent clogging and other issues.

Have questions? Give us a call to learn about our services and schedule a consultation today.

What Is the Purpose of Weeping Tile?

Weeping tiles are primarily a network of pipes interspersed with tiny holes. This waterproofing system is installed along the perimeter of the basement foundation. The system is made up of gravel, pipes, and a trench to collect rainwater and channel it away from the foundation walls so that the water doesn't enter the basement.

Weeping tiles can be of two types: interior and exterior weeping tiles. Each type serves to fulfil your property’s optimal drainage requirements. The exterior weeping tile (also called French drain) functions as the first layer of protection by controlling water at the ground level to avoid basement flooding. The interior weeping tile system is installed underneath your basement flooring and is useful when the exterior system does not work as it should.

Benefits of Weeping Tile Installation

At Wolf Lake Construction (2003) Inc., our professional planning, use of quality materials, and meticulous execution ensure that you enjoy the maximum benefits of a weeping tile installation service.

The biggest advantage of having an effective weeping tile system around one’s property is that it keeps water away in the event of a drainage system failure and prevents potential damage to the basement and foundation walls. Otherwise:

It is a cost-effective waterproofing solution.
It increases the life expectancy of foundations.
It enhances the market value of your home.
The mechanism can easily be installed and repaired.

Common Problems with Older Weeping Tile Systems

Much has changed for the better over the last 80 years, including the design of weeping tile systems. Earlier forms of weeping tile systems were made of clay tiles, and then plastic pipes were made. Properties built between 1940 and 1950 are likely to have non-functional or no drainage systems. When working with residential buildings and other properties before 1970, we sometimes find clay tile systems that do not take water away from the foundation. Moreover, old pipes are prone to clogging as dirt and tree roots can enter and accumulate inside the pipes.

If you have an older house and aren’t sure about the existence of a weeping tile system, you can hire our waterproofing experts at Wolf Lake Construction (2003) Inc. for a quick inspection and get the knowledge needed to decide upon the best course of action.

Why Drainage is Crucial

Weeping tiles are installed around the exterior or interior perimeter of your house or commercial building, and their placing depends on the foundation walls. This network of pipes takes water away to be drained into the storm sewer or sump pump system instead of accumulating near the footing.

The pooling of water is a threat to your structure’s integrity because concrete and mortar, being porous in nature, end up absorbing water and deteriorate over time. The water trapped within the walls can remain there for even several years if not drained correctly, causing foundation damage and a weakening of the entire structure.

When Is the Weeping Tile System Due for a Replacement?

The outdated clay-based model of weeping tiles must be replaced when damaged or clogged. Although this type of system has a lifespan of several decades, factors like the movement in the ground and the expansion of pipes due to the freeze-thaw cycle can shorten the duration of their effectiveness. Tree roots and dirt can easily get into a weeping tile system. Even a modern system can get damaged. If you suspect that the weeping tiles around your property are not functioning properly, contact Wolf Lake Construction (2003) Inc. for a consultation to evaluate the situation and offer you a free estimate for the required work.

Hire Our Technicians to Inspect Your Weeping Tiles Today

Even if the smallest problem with your property’s drainage system goes unnoticed for months or years, it won’t take long for the situation to worsen into major flooding or a cracked foundation. Our team employs modern tools to access the system and timely manage problems.

If you see any of the following telltale signs of a broken weeping tile system, please don’t hesitate to call us:

Rainstorms lead to puddle formation.
The humidity level increases in the basement.
Water leakages in the basement.
Efflorescence (white glassy powder) is developing on concrete surfaces.

Repair or Replace?

Find out if repairing or replacing your weeping tile system is the right choice.

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