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Two Decades of Experience

Celebrating 20 years of service to the Greater Sudbury community, Wolf Lake Construction (2003) Inc. has a wealth of experience and has earned the reputation of being a trusted contractor for construction, excavation and landscaping. We specialize in earthworks and hardscaping for both commercial and residential construction and use a customized approach tailored to meet the unique needs of every commercial and residential client.

What We Do

We are well-known professionals in the industry, and our work includes building roads and driveways, trucking aggregates, excavating foundations and garages, grading, trenching for utilities, site preparation, land clearing, landscaping/hardscaping, demolition, concrete reinstatement, and repairs of asphalt, culverts and manholes.

Our large fleet of equipment is available for hire. These include backhoes, loaders, excavators, tri axle dump trucks, sweepers, graders and sanders. We also offer 24/7 snow plowing and snow removal services to support the uninterrupted working of your  commercial sites. Cultivating strong relationships with our clients and ensuring that their needs are always met has allowed us to become a contractor of choice in the area.

Give us a call today to request a quote and get your project started.

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