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Asphalt spreader in work on site

Asphalt Spreader Operator - Overview

Wolf Lake Construction 2003 Inc. is looking to hire a hardworking and experienced Asphalt Spreader Operator to join our team. Be a part of an organization that puts its people first! Wolf Lake is a family-owned business committed to creating and delivering great service. We offer our employees competitive wages, health and dental benefits, as well as life insurance, an excellent opportunity for professional growth, and special events!


MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE - Please apply only if you have experience in the asphalt/paving industry. Interviews will be hosted in early April to get ready for the construction season.


2-3 years of related experience in paving, construction materials, equipment, and processes are required.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities for the position are

Assist in the installation and maintenance of asphalt surfaces, installing hot-mix asphalt on residential driveways and commercial parking lots


Safely operate the Asphalt Paver and other heavy equipment in a safe and appropriate manner


Knowledge of asphalt mix applications on variable types of projects


Productively operate in a collaborative manner with all crew members


Operate the Paver controls to lower the screed auger, control the hopper, and navigate the direction of the paver.


Align the paving machine into position when receiving asphalt by a dump truck, and maintain a constant flow of asphalt into the hopper; ease the paver forward, safely pushing the dump truck along the construction surface.


Observe the distribution of paving materials along the screed and control the direction of the screed to eliminate voids at curbs and joints.


Line the paver appropriately to the work area and ensure proper application of the asphalt, smoothing it evenly to the desired height, width, and depth


Operated other heavy equipment and other construction-related duties as required.


Perform daily maintenance, clean and service the equipment; perform minor repairs to equipment


Perform daily pre-trip inspections and safety checks to identify potential mechanical issues and advise the foreman


Clean and lubricate equipment and refill equipment tanks


Be aware of your surroundings at all times


Maintain a clean job site, picking up tools and equipment in order to eliminate potential hazards


Promote, execute and adhere to the company's safety program, including taking part in all safety meetings


Ensure the safety of fellow employees


Comfortable working long hours


Hard-working, physically fit and able to lift 20lbs or more


Perform other duties as assigned

Required Skills and Attributes

The skills and attributes required for this position are

Minimum 2-3 years experience operating an asphalt paver in a safe and responsible manner


Minimum 2-3 years of paving experience working on a paving crew installing hot-mix asphalt on driveways and commercial parking lots


Conduct yourself in a professional/mature manner.


Have broad knowledge of milling practices and procedures and overall civil construction experience


Must have a high attention to detail and take pride in the finished product.


Ability to effectively communicate with co-workers and supervisors to ensure that projects are completed properly


Valid G-Licence in good standing (we check)


Must be able to commute to and from shops/job sites.


A positive attitude and willingness to work in a team environment and communicate effectively with co-workers.


Punctual and available to work.


Willingness to work flexible hours.


Ability to work in all weather conditions.


Must be able to handle the physical demands of the job


CSA approved steel toed work boots


Any safety certifications considered an asset


Employee may be required to perform other related duties as assigned.

We offer competitive pay and opportunities for growth within our company. Wages are based on experience and knowledge in the field.

Job Types: Full-time, Seasonal

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