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Home and Office Waterproofing Services in Sudbury and the Surrounding Areas

Do you have a damp, musty-smelling basement? Do you suspect foundation problems on your property? Committed to helping homes and businesses, Wolf Lake Construction (2003) Inc. helps prevent the risk of diseases and costly water-related damage by providing complete exterior and interior waterproofing services in Sudbury and surrounding areas. We have served clients for 20 years and counting.

The basement in your home or office is susceptible to water infiltration, which leads to mould, staining of drywalls, unpleasant odours, and damage to framing and finished areas. As water permeates through the foundation, concrete structures start deteriorating faster. It is thus important to tackle water damage without delay to prevent deterioration and ensure that the damage doesn't aggravate or spread to other areas of your home. Our waterproofing job is finished with quality materials and skilled workmanship, and your space is quickly returned to a safe, comfortable and dry environment. Connect with our waterproofing experts for a site inspection today.

Our Process


Our waterproofing work at Wolf Lake Construction (2003) Inc. starts by excavating about 4' of ground. We maintain an appropriate safety slope as we dig along the exterior foundation wall until the base of the property’s footing. We then remove the excavated material from the job site. Our team uses a pressure washer to clean the exposed foundation walls. This is followed by an inspection of the foundation walls and joint conditions.


Upon completing the initial inspection, we discuss options with you and proceed to repair concrete damages. When the repairs are complete, we dry and prepare the foundation walls and footing for our membrane.


We install a Bituthene 3000 low-temperature waterproofing membrane below the final grade elevation onto the prepared foundation wall. Our team then protects the restored and waterproofed foundation walls with drainage/protection membrane (System Platon). If required, we might also use 2” SM Styrofoam for additional frost protection. 


A new weeping tile system of 4” diameter, which is wrapped in a permeable sock, is connected to the existing drainage system; this mechanism has of course been tested and is successfully functioning in the house or office building.

Final steps

Wolf Lake Construction (2003) Inc. performs a final inspection in the end. We backfill using ¾” clear stones and clean backfill, sloping away from the house to ensure positive drainage.


Upon completion of inspections (building permit is required), the area is properly cleaned and debris removed. Our team will now return your property to its original condition so you can quickly resume your personal routine or business operation.

Avoid Water Damage

We can help you return your basement to its breathable and usable condition.

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